A green jumpsuit and a dream.


This image is of Miss 7’s pride and joy. She completed all her chores earnestly for 2 weeks, and with her pocket money – she purchased a baby outfit. She has written in her “baby diary” – and ensured that I sign in agreeance, that this will be the first item of clothing the baby will wear. Every night Miss 7 goes to bed, cuddles her teddy bear in one arm, and the jumpsuit in the other. She then thanks the universe for everything good that has happened and puts out her dreams which always starts off with a sibling.

I wanted to make sure that she understood that the baby was not necessarily going to be a “Jasmine” and it could very well be a “James”. She looked at me as if I had been plucked from Mars and placed into her lounge room! “Of course I realise that mum”. Hence why the jumpsuit she chose was green.

So I have been asked “How does someone find a surrogate”……Oh if I only knew this answer!

Many people are blessed to have sisters, family members or life long friends who are able to offer this most precious gift of all. Unfortunately this is not possible for a variety of personal reasons, so I am one of the many people who requires to venture further afield in the search.

I was blessed beyond belief when last year a beautiful lady from Brisbane offered to carry my bundle of joy for me. We had an instant connection when we chatted online, and then met in person. Her lovely family supported her decision to carry my baby, and we all met several times for lunch and coffee over a period of months. We had an instant bond and the connection felt right. Unfortunately just prior to commencing the process of transferring the embryo’s – she had sadly discovered that a medical condition she herself had was not going to allow her to proceed in this journey. We were both equally devastated. I questioned my strength to carry on and try again. I made my decision after much research, introspection, analysis and careful deliberation. I am not doing this out of vanity or arrogance, but out of love. A love that runs so deep it hurts, a love that I want to complete our family despite the unfortunate situation with my previous health issues. A love that has a strength to conquer the battles no matter how difficult they may become.

In Australia, a surrogate must be altruistic – meaning that the surrogate cannot be paid for doing this. How does one ask someone to give up nine months of their body and life for me, to gain nothing other than the knowledge that they did this? Of course all expenses etc are paid entirely by the Intended Parent (me)…but how does one ask this? “Oh excuse me, would you be willing to get fat, sick and go through endless hours of excruciating pain for me”? This is simply something I could never do.

Luckily for the people like myself there are some amazing people in this world who will do this altruistically and who will read my story in the surrogacy forums and come to me. Some people including my previous surrogate have said that they have always wanted to do this for another family and have always known – and they infact seek out an intended parent. Incredible, incredible, amazing people. This world I have entered – the world of surrogacy has shown me the incredible lengths that people will go to in order to have a child, and the lengths that others go to in assisting them. I am so humbled and honored to have met some of these simply amazing people and following their journey’s entirely warms my heart.

For now we have a green jumpsuit and 2 people with an incredible dream.


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