Our Kind of Perfect

In a perfect world, there would be no divorce, there would be no illness, there would be no infertility, there would be an abundance of money for everyone, and we would all be blessed with the family and children we wanted. Obviously – this is not a perfect world. I once believed I lived in that world, for one short time, and I really believed life was perfect and it would remain that way. Even though it didn’t remain that way….it was NEVER a mistake. This beautiful little girl would not be here had I not had this experience.

So because my life doesn’t any longer fit in the “perfect” category – does that mean I should give up on everything? What if, since that moment where I “thought” life was perfect, I have since found out that even when I now have none of those things my life seems more perfect than it has ever been? Perhaps it is going from what is deemed to be perfect, to not having those things that I have found that essentially none of those things really exist? Why do I need to fit into the perfect category to have a little brother or sister for my angel?

So I decided a few years ago that I needed to create a situation which would allow me to be in the position for life to be as close to perfect as possible.

My health didn’t want to play along, so on hold went the relationship/baby plans whilst I attended to many surgeries and raised my little girl. Lots of complications happened also, which further delayed this – no problem I said, I am still young – not 40 yet! I waited for a time where I knew I was well enough to bring another child into the world. Apparently my body had other ideas. What? Really? Are you kidding me? I had all these surgeries to get me well and prepare me for this, for them to now let me know my body won’t be able to cope with the pregnancy?? No – I couldn’t have heard that right! So a little more time goes by while to try to deal with that thought. Being an Aries, no one says to me – no you can’t do that!! I will find I way I think.

Because surrogacy and egg donation was something I had always thought of in the back of my mind to do for others – it was a quick decision to walk down this path and investigate further. I have met so many amazing people, followed some miraculous journey’s and been inspired to take the leap of faith myself. My life is now in the position of being ready to welcome a new little addition to our teeny tiny family. My health is better, my degree is almost finished, and the future holds wonderful things. Faith and hope will keep the candles burning a little longer.

I have had some amazing emails and private messages of support from some dear dear friends and family in my life. It humbles me to the core. I am also so blessed to have 2 little ice babies in the freezer waiting for a beautiful tummy mummy to join our party and help our dreams come true.

The happy giggles, pure love, total loyalty, honesty and truth of heart that oozes through the doors and windows of our home is testimony that this is most definitely our kind of perfect, and our kind of perfect will welcome a little bundle of life with more joy and excitement than anyone could dream 🙂 We hope to find a surrogate soon to become part of ‘our kind of perfect’ story xx


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