Those whom risk nothing……..have nothing


Happy Easter Everyone!

Special celebration times remind me of the importance of family. Whether you are Christian or not, all special celebrations are times to realise what we have and cherish how lucky we are 🙂

Easter for me represents new beginnings, fresh starts and being thankful and grateful for all that we have. I look at our little family, and devour the happiness and special times we have been blessed with. And with those everlasting memories we create, and the joy that we feel, it reminds me of all that has been, and all we have conquered in our lives. It is a triumph that we are where we are.

Pursuing surrogacy is an emotional roller coaster filled with highs and lows I didn’t think possible. Not simply my own highs and lows, but those of the community. Seeing life dreams come to a hault when a negative pregnancy test is received with a final embryo. Wondering how I would cope in this same situation. Then seeing people who have been attempting a family for over 10 years meet their child through surrogacy for the first time. The images are breathtaking, but the pain associated with getting to that point is raw and all too real. I question my ability to tackle such enormous situations and wonder at my resolve to handle such a situation. But then I remind myself of where I have been and what I have endured….it is then I realise again that whether we are religious or not – we are here for a reason. Our lives are finite and our journey is ours. We are what we make ourselves despite the obstacles put in our way. It is our sense of being that drives us to continue when it really is what we desire.

Those whom risk nothing….have nothing. Surrogacy is a risky venture. Every ounce of trust being put in the kindness and goodness of another human being to bring your child into this world. But knowing how much love we have to give, seeing the utter joy as other parents fulfill their dreams, I can do nought but trust……

Happy Easter everyone, and Happy New Beginnings.


One thought on “Those whom risk nothing……..have nothing

  1. Dear Jen,

    Here’s to new Easter beginnings. I hope so much that we all realise out dreams. You are so right – if you don’t take any risks then you will not have tried and you will get nowhere. Thanks for all you have done for me personally. Xx

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