faithFaith is such an elusive term. Google has informed me that faith is “confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability. 2. belief that is not based on proof”

To me, it is even something deeper than this…not only faith in another, but faith in oneself. Each day things occur which sometimes make you question faith to varying levels. Faith in your ability, faith in your judgement and faith in the universe. Beyond all of this however is the unknown.

So many Intended Parents (IP’s) have to have faith in abundance. Faith that like a trickling water feature, it is overflowing and never ending.  A knowing that all will be OK. That OK may not be the OK that we intend – but faith that whatever is meant to be will be.

A dear friend of mine, and I can call her this even though we have not met as we have shared our deepest darkest fears, our all inspiring courage and a determination to give it our all… otherwords – we have declared to have faith in the unknown. It is a beautiful thing.

This dear friend has recently returned from New Delhi India. Her surrogacy journey has taken her to this colourful, vibrant and exciting country to fulfill her dream (or so we hope). Her family including their 4 year old son spent a month in India meeting her surrogate, undergoing IVF and transferring her cherished embryo’s to this wonderful Indian lady who agreed to carry her child.For people not familiar with the surrogacy world, this might sound crazy! It may appear that faith has leaned a little too far into risk. However more Australian babies are born through surrogacy in India and Thailand every year than in our own country! We have the surrogacy bureaucracy  in Australia to thank for that. But nevertheless, hundreds of Australian babies are being happily born through surrogacy in India and Thailand and coming home to Australia each year.

My lovely friend has been patiently waiting to hear the news of her pregnancy. Today is the end of the dreaded two week wait (2WW) from transfer to pregnancy test. Her family have been amazing, and her family has vowed to not give up and will help and support them emotionally and in any way possible to try again if today’s news isn’t as hoped.

We started this journey many months ago together. We have talked on the phone many times, shared our fears and hopes, and I am excited beyond belief that she is already at this point of finding out if they are pregnant. There could be a Christmas baby!!

So with this excitement, and seeing so many IP’s around me moving forward in their journey, I am excited too. And I realise that faith is what brings us to this point. Faith in the unknown, faith in the universe, faith in doctors, faith in something which there is no guarantee will happen and faith that if it doesn’t happen, life will move on, and we will cherish it with all our might.


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