An auspicious gift


Spending the morning studying, though difficult with my mind on other things. I decided to take a coffee break and walk down the driveway to check the mail. I was hoping for a cheque from Medicare, but what I found was far more valuable than any amount of money.

I rarely receive gifts or packages unless it is from the university book shop or something I have purchased online – both of which are only few times a year. So to find a neat little unexpected package sitting there in my mail box was exciting in it itself!

It was from my lovely sweet friend who recently travelled to India to commence her surrogacy journey.

Her auspicious gift has lifted my spirits and provided a level of excitement to continue on. In this lovely little package of hope was an Indian fertility egg which represents new life, new beginnings, fertility and hope. This little gift all the way from India, in a sweet little trinket box is simply perfect.

The lucky Indian rupee also signifies luck. To hold a lucky Indian rupee increases your chances of luck, and winning what it is that you dream of.

These gifts from across the Indian Ocean have left me with a feeling of love, warmth and kindness. I have eternal gratitude for these gifts and they will be held ever so close always. The generous and kind hearted gift and little note for our little embryo’s will be forever cherished. Thank you Kate, my heart is yours today  xxxx


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